Foundations are important in any plan, and so the foundation on which the Co-op was built started this way.


  • The Co-op should be community based, manned and organised.
  • It should aim at developing and encouraging private product development.
  • It should have a social, and food supply service all year round, all local supply where possible.
  • It should aim to grow steadily within its present budget whilst developing rapor and reliability
  • within the communites it serves.
  • All profits should go back into the growth of the service, until established.
  • All products to be of nutritional value and of benefit to good health options.
  • The business should be low stress, high impact.
  • It is the aim to beat winter depression in our communities.
  • A percentage of profits to be shared yearly amongst its members upon establishing membership options, and optimum business development. That is after we are established.

November 2007
The Owner/Member/General Manager Jane

Mission Statement

Our Co-op aims to inspire and encourage creative energy within the community.

We aim to engage people in living their dreams.

Sunsets West Co-op, is organised to produce, purchase and distribute goods and services for the mutual benefit of its patrons, offering a variety of healthy goods for patrons' choice.


We aim to encourage community members to co-operate with one another and nourish their community and its improvement; we aim to involve members in community garden and cottage industries.

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